Das Weltkulturerbe im Jahre 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

A Riddle

The World-Cultural-Heritage
Ursula, Empress

To the Parish Office
St. Joseph
Hd. Pastor L ...…

Luebeck, July 25, 2000


This letter is also anymore new, but it has not lost its validity. 2015 *

 The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Christians and People of different Religions,

Today your Empress writes you a funny letter from the perspective of my person *, seen through a different spectrum as an outsider and a mother.

Who are those?

They are a highly intelligent folk, they can connect the whole world through their communication devices through their spirit.

They send their communication devices into space and let the sun watch.

They want to conquer Mars as well as the moon and all of it the universe.

They have the power to destroy the world.

They pop ........................... with their attempts and shit full my hut.

Not only that, they pollute my seas and connect them through channels.

They change my plates of the earth and harden them, when they collide, there's theater!

They acquire collectors and glaze the buildings.

They melt my icebergs and then build dams.

They swallow colorful pills and tablets and inhale tobacco.

They inject their bodies full and look for a way out.

They manipulate the genes and tear the "fruits" out of the women's bodies. 

They cannot obey my son, they claim that he has outdated views.

They let their dark-skinned brothers and sisters get sick in the dirt through the canalisations and eat for two and three.

They get dogs and cats that shit full my hut and also steal the food.

They take organs from their bodies and transplant them into other bodies.

They sit in vehicles and planes and chase through time, then they still pollute my air.

They want to go now.

They moan and whine my ears full of their music and want to get to the top.

They build weapons and kill each other. They let work and no longer work properly.

They can still not grasp the simplest principles of a normal life, but they are individual and very different.

Answer: That can only be my children!