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Attn. of the Management


Luebeck, Sunday, 17 October 2004  

Free English translation on 11 September 2021.

Fat Years/ CC To Politics and Business

Please, let the German-language letter be translated into many commercial languages and be handed over to the right places.

Dear Sirs!

You too will have realised that the fat years are now over and a different wind is blowing.

You, as co-operatives, societies, associations or whatever form of company you have chosen for your business relations and your business conduct, are directly addressed by this letter.

In the near future, there will be an end to all cheating and advantage-taking worldwide.

My person has nothing against fair competition, nothing against healthy entrepreneurial spirit and nothing against honestly earned profit, only everything must be manageable and remain manageable; a venerable foundation must become the basis for every business, whereby this basis must be measurable by the physical strength or mental power of the individual.

What this means for your industry is that the business of real estate, such as land, houses and rented flats, is also over for every estate agent.

All business of this kind, so the entire stock exchange, will not be given a chance for a future.

Every individual will once again earn his money honestly on an hourly basis and not waste his day by speculating in thick leather armchairs behind a desk, which is especially true for people who have had the pleasure or privilege of a high school diploma, of attending a technical college or university.

Mistakenly, it has been and still is impressed upon these people that one should create and acquire what one can for oneself through an executive function or an elevated position.

This goal has become desirable for people with intellect and higher mental power, which everyone can clearly see in most end products and in today's culture, and not only your industry is meant by this, which wants to distribute as many and expensive or precious materials as possible on as small an area as possible in order to achieve the corresponding rent or purchase price.

Even if you look at the population especially at the individuals who have submitted to this misguided goal, you can clearly see that over the years the general public will have to bear not only the product of these people, often also their descendants and in addition often their early retirements with a corresponding settlement of the big earners* or the costs and nerves due to stress-related illnesses of this target group.

Whoever has joined this target and thus has the opportunity to increase his or her capital effortlessly, with the banks and financial institutions being particularly responsible for this, the one or the other can fall from the top to the bottom very quickly. But mostly it is the spouse, especially often the wife and mother, as well as the family, who will sooner or later pay the bill.

Behind a housing association, too, there is a very cunning trickery, which becomes clear when you as a tenant start to use the slide rule, especially if, like me, you have to live for financial reasons in a block of flats that is already over forty years old.

One can only note that the system behind such a cooperative, society or building association was created on the basis of a vital need of the population, since it is a basic human need to strive for a place to live, a warm protected place for one's existence.

If your rental housing business did not concern the vital need of a human being, then your business would be nowhere near as secure, not as profitable, and not as future-oriented, unless the population decreased radically and the owner-occupied housing business increased.

And here we are at the point where so several will change.

A businessman or builder will be allowed to build houses in order to make money out of them, whereby the word make is to be taken literally and not to be confused with speculate.

You will only be allowed to have houses built that are manageably priced and then lease them out including a plot of land.

This means that each leaseholder pays a monthly leasehold for the house in proportion to his income until it is paid for in full and he retains the right to live there for the rest of his life without making such a payment.

If the leaseholder dies, the paid-up cottage passes to his spouse and then to his descendants, usually the eldest son, but the state retains the right of ownership, which must also procure the building materials and advance the funds for the construction and erection of such a cottage.

No private enterprise will be allowed to do business with a person's housing needs, including all chattels and land for other purposes.

Land and all real estate will become the property of the state, which, as a foundation, will have to pass on the surpluses generated to the general public by making provision for future generations without making any financial gain.

The current claim to ownership will have to be recorded in writing by means of a reservation of ownership by each person and will have to be substantiated in order to stand up to scrutiny, so that no unjustified claim can be made on either side as a result of the forthcoming restructuring.

A tenant, too, will please put down in writing his monthly payments over many years, which will please have to be substantiated by the housing associations or private landlords.

The state power is divided into states, counties and municipalities and thus all housing societies, cooperatives and building associations will be bound to the counties and municipalities.

The worker pays for the entire workforce of the state through taxes. In return, he may and must expect lifelong financial security through his little house and also through his job.

The lease payments and social security must be set up in such a way that no one can be financially blackmailed in the future.

The employee and employer pays the church tax and in return he may expect a security that will last beyond life.

The leaseholder receives a plot of land, two-thirds of which is to be cultivated with fruit and vegetables, so that additional security will be guaranteed for every leaseholder.

If the cottage has become dilapidated, this task will be handed over to the town planning department or a family planning department. The construction of a new house requires a new payment to the state, which also has to submit its annual accounts to the central world leadership.

All building materials, i. e. raw materials extracted from the earth, including forest resources, pass to the state, which is not allowed to enrich itself and is obliged to issue only materials measured by need and demand, while extensions and additions to the houses remain possible.

A house cannot be sold by a leaseholder, as the state is the owner.

In the case of a change of house, priority should be given to an exchange transaction, be it from leaseholder to leaseholder or from leaseholder and municipality, otherwise the leasehold paid will be forfeited and real money will have to be paid for a new house.

A housing cooperative, housing association or a building society will serve the state and take over all these tasks, which will be divided into states, districts and cities, and so every settlement will be evidenced by every extraction of raw materials from the earth or every clearing of the forests, and will remain manageable.

For this reason, the state will not be composed in the future by any upstarts, but persons will be needed worldwide who must fulfil all the criteria which my person has already laid down in writing and which is an absolute prerequisite for such a position in the civil service.

The closer a person touches the power of government, the more precisely these criteria must be fulfilled.

A statesman will also not be allowed to enrich himself through his office, he will be allowed to lead a somewhat higher standard of living, but in return he will also have to give a correspondingly appropriate service to the general public.

A true monarch is a person who is allowed to surround himself or herself with wealth and shall and should possess more than the monarch can consume or use.

A clergyman, especially a clergyman of an exalted state, such as a bishop or cardinal, comes very close to a true monarch in this respect, since the true clergyman has his jurisdiction for more than just the physical well-being and must provide for a secure future.

This means that the Church will be the only institution allowed to surround itself with wealth, but the prerequisite for such a status is a clergy that has been tested by the Monumental-Realm, so that riches could also be handled properly and distributed fairly in case of urgent need*.

Actors and top athletes will also no longer exist in these dimensions with such top salaries, whereby any basis and justification for such salaries is also lacking*.

Accordingly, a craftsman or master craftsman can only enrich himself through the labour he uses and delivers, but no longer through the materials he accumulates.

It will be similar with the retailer, who will have to deal directly with the manufacturer, so that no intermediaries will be allowed.

The wholesale and foreign trade merchants will also have to allow themselves to be integrated into the civil service, where the economist will also have his place, since too much robbery has been practised through free private trade, so that for this reason, too, everything in the world will and had to come to a standstill in the end.

The entire industrialisation will first be divided into small or medium-sized businesses and in the course of restructuring will have to switch to handicrafts.

So will the shopping chains and supermarkets, which will then have to stick to the producer directly, who will have to produce his product with very little artificial energy such as electricity from the pile or power station and with very few artificial additives, which will also affect foodstuffs in particular!

Every middleman will have to change to direct trade, also because the trader will be liable for his goods and will have to know which producer or farmer to turn to in case of doubt*.

You as a housing association have very many "middlemen" like your clerks, estate agents, property experts, caretaker services, gardeners, board members, senior managers and many more people.

The tenant has to finance these people for the rest of his life, although often a long-time tenant has already legally financed at least one, sometimes two or even three rental flats, but you will pocket the money and then also add the renovation costs or extension costs to the tenant's rent due to the housing standard you have raised.

Now he may also have to pay for a comfort flat, whereas, strictly speaking, he had long since paid off the rented flat for you and covered your expenses, but in return he received and still receives the right of residence, whereby you can dictate the amount of the rent.

A "house builder" or flat buyer brings in an initial capital comparatively first, but in return the flat status is usually quite different and also the money borrowed is usually in quite different dimensions, but in the case of a change of flat or sale, the person is left with equity, which is transferred to you through a tenancy.

Unfortunately, my person has to realise that this rental system has even been supported by the state, also in order to stimulate the economy.

On the other hand, this system has the advantage that if the state is broke, the apartment buildings can still be renovated, restored and maintained, so that the safety of the building fabric remains guaranteed. It would be disastrous if the state were responsible for the housing but there was no money left in the coffers.

If you look at Turkey, for example, at the city of Istanbul, you have to be afraid to enter such residential buildings, and you have to ask yourself what would happen if there were only a weak earthquake.

The consequences would obviously be fatal.

However, if you look at the apartment blocks that are being demolished here in Luebeck, for example, then you must clearly realise that the FRG must not be unjustly very highly indebted, since you as a construction company are presumably also subsidised by the state through your construction employment policy by means of a tax regulation.

If you look at the luxury buildings that the city of Luebeck affords despite empty coffers, you have to say to yourself that the money has to come from somewhere.

The next question would be why renovation or redevelopment is being carried out here and there where it is not absolutely necessary. Furthermore, one should ask oneself why these cities and municipalities get the loans from the FRG and why the FRG gets loans when other countries would obviously have needed these funds much more?

So it is probably due to the respective status of a state, its former credit rating and its reputation, which can have devastating consequences for other states, since the loans can certainly only be granted to a limited extent!

Here, too, a bar will have to be put up by your Authorities.

It will not be those who are at the squeeze who will be sponsored, it will be those who will be most in need of funds for vital security.

These funds will be divided and allocated by King Juergen, in other words, the goods and commodities will run centrally through a single accounting system to achieve a worldwide overview, and in these circles the most reliable and competent people will be needed, including the clergy, who not only have in mind how their own pockets could be filled, but who have completed their studies or training for the common good and will properly apply their professional experience to get something sensible off the ground.

You as societies, co-operatives and associations will now have to part with the unjustified accumulated capital; otherwise you will get to know the Cudgel of my person, which will fairly hit your desk first.

Should you then not come up with anything sensible, then it would be advisable for you to vacate the place for someone who will be aware of the actual aim of his existence and this someone will thus also have sufficient sensible ideas.

There are some letters for the restructuring of the housing estates, whereby the entire labour market will be in demand and, in addition, older housewives, early retirees and pensioners are urgently needed. The entire restructuring of the earth goes hand in hand with contemporary history in a connection with the Authorities, for which very old findings or documents should be available by now, of which my person is convinced.  

There is work, work and more work to be done.

Since the population is not only ill, but seems to be very ill and my person is obviously held responsible for it, you and your kind should know by now who you are dealing with and who is the "boss" of my person, you green boys, you!

Please consider where and by what means the credit ultimately comes from, which the FRG, for example, regularly receives, and when you finally know the answer, then you should quickly turn to the right Authorities and act accordingly to initiate a beginning here in Luebeck.

P. p. Empress

Time is pressing, also because 25,000 people have to die every day just because redistribution of goods seems to be impossible in 2004.

Therefore 25,000 people, mostly children, have to starve to death every day anew!       

Jan. 2016/  My patience is slowly but surely at an end with the likes of you and your pathological mendacity and acting, but surely not only mine!

Dear Readers,

As you will know, today is the European elections and as a responsible citizen, which you probably are, you naturally go to the polls, especially to protect democracy, don't you?

"Democracy ends where violence begins!" Those were roughly the words of President Steinmeier at the recent funeral service for a police officer.

Freedom is indeed a great good, but when a people abuse their freedom by throwing all the values given to us overboard and misinterpreting this freedom and democracy by no longer realising that, for the reasons mentioned, freedom has long since become a lack of freedom for many people, then we should start to listen attentively!

So it's time that these supposedly voting citizens learnt to accept and testify to the truth first and so we should be glad when a higher force becomes active!

My person personally will take these good citizens to the cleanser`s, who are entitled to vote, who presumably all call themselves honourable Europeans, but who have not even borne true witness to the monumental events!

 Remember: When democracy ends, a Monarchy begins, which by necessity, but only temporarily, must have dictatorial tendencies!

9 June 2024