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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany 

Toys 'R' US Herrenholz
23556 Luebeck

To the TV- and Radio Stations  

Worldwide CC

Luebeck, 2004, October Sunday 24th

Clearing Work in Luebeck and Vicinity/ CC/

Please, let that German-language writing be translated truly appropriately into standard languages and please, then be handed over to the corresponding places.

The German document:


                                                                     Dear Lord- and Ladyship,

Last Thursday my person watched the TV program 'The Super Mommies come', at which was shown, how nowadays a super mother brings up other children, which in the truest sense of the word are going to flip out.

Not only the children screeched and hit the parents also the parents were and are near to the nervous breakdown. Aid had to come in such a way into the family from outside, when the parents turned to other people however, the family life was filmed on video and broadcasted via TV for it.

Two normal cases as problem families were shown, where it was basically pointed out, that the parents are a part of the causes for this demonstrated behaviour of the children.

Not only the super mothers thought about the children in a gained manner also my person began to think about the two cases and is the opinion that the children gave their parents unconsciously the debt for their behaviour, their unrest and fears and so the whole family was and is overtaxed by it.  

The super mothers had also thought so far but just could not indicate completely the release of this behaviour of the children although the eight years old girl could immediately indicate cautiously her release.

Nowadays normally it is no more possible to bring up a child rightly, since every mother and many fathers have to take regard for the entire evolution of the children, whose already as new born ones  and babies grow up with a lot of yelling and sleep troubles and so they were confronted with such an illness, which are to be traced back often to allergies or infectious diseases, since the childlike organism becomes more sensitive, if the nerve costume is already attacked and burdened as a baby by various processes of the day, at which the parental community and harmony also is attended by this.

Often regular nerve wars certainly happen at home in young families between parents and children, at which the children often treat badly the parents against each other to get more points of attack, so that they increase themselves in their position to can get back their rest and contentment. Everything what affects on a new born one and small child is not few during the day, it is even a great many what a small human being must grasp, who exists not yet long on the world.

However, a lot can not be stomached any more and in such a way a child from today must take this and tomorrow that, in which nobody will help the child, because apparently nobody is able to note no more in a manner what happened with the children.

As a result the child becomes aggressively, hyper-acting, more easily sensitive about infectious diseases depending on disposition; in addition come sleep troubles or at least falling asleep troubles and fears; it may be to begin to stutter or other speech disorders or walk problems may occur, concentration troubles could rise increasingly, since the child will be fixed to the influences on the daily everyday life to find its way and then it can any more adjust itself for the normal life rhythm or routine of the day, that a small child requires without fail.

A lot what our time today demanded the children can and must as fast as it will be only possible become ended or changed, so that not already a child feel at all, that it has nerves and must then bring these under control itself before it has to go to school!

                              Here and in the other societies it goes on no more any longer in such a way!!

Various writings concerning the small children are available, which also are designed for the general public, with it each one understands, why this and that is arranged and must be arranged. In this case the health of a sensitive small child will be the scale of a functioning marriage, family and society. The most important criteria would like to explain my person again briefly to might let initiate a beginning by a starting position in Luebeck, Germany.

It is very important for every child, that the parents will use really no swear words during a quarrel, fundamentally none, my person stresses none swear words!

Even none domestic quarrel is allowed near the children, because it can happen, that a child hears something or gets something in this regard, what is for a child a very gross burglary into its safety and trust opposite the parents, what later will be reflected and by it the whole social order would be questionable and could concern and hurt the child later. 

As a result also the shown eight years old girl via the TV had these enormous difficulties and became precisely difficult by that made mistakes.
Furthermore, it is important that in the whole house or in the flat, on the loft and in the car, in the basement or garden no porn magazine and illustration may lie around or are discovered like the corresponding TV journals, journals, papers and magazines.

If you can not detach from these journals please, tear out the corresponding pages until this named broken garbage can not any more be produced and offered for what my person will bear worry, too.

Please, also you will immediately detach and annihilate that photos, which will be had to found nowadays in many photo albums or photo boxes, which show you as naked ones. Also think of the slides, super attention films and the video consumption in this regard.
Also the common taking a bath of the parents in the bathtub or the whirlpool is strict forbidden and also, that you as parents run naked through the flat or house or will appear naked before your children in the bathroom.

With it end is effective immediately, also that is valid for the general naked showers of the school classes or the general having a sauna. Either you lock the sauna or in future you will have a sauna with a normal bath towel, that please, you will use for cover the genitals.

The best however would be, that you refrain from the common having a sauna and go to swim or ride on the bike.
Furthermore it must be changing something concerning the bed linen, the night lines, the underclothing, the stockings, the caps, the gloves and a lot more, for what was already drafted a writing.

Also the wallpapers, school things, lamps, carpets and curtains and a lot more will be checked for animal figures and animal deformations, so that these utensils must be removed from the rooms little by little.
The TV programs however are one of the dirtiest histories, which come into almost every flat and house and which can be led or reached to the children. Especially the advertising has become in a manner extremely good or even not?

That groaning around in the advertising caused by a shampoo, a car or a pudding my person can hear any more and tolerate this primitive level any more for a longer time, at which the radio advertising can pester this level some more.

Instead of the TV will have been allowed exclusively videos for the children, which however will also unfortunately show the animal cartoon figures. The whole child program will have to checked in such a way very precisely via video at which power, sex, criminality and animals are shown, which are humanized and in this way do not any more belongs into a child program.                       

By the way it also is valid for the ' big children' of our time, therefore for almost every person, in which the whole illness garbage and the operations, the births, the ultrasonic children and much more must disappear from the screen.
Also the so-called conversation TV programs, which should be funny, however rather are to be designated as perverse or dull, you please, have to be removed from the programs.

                            The same as for the rest also applies to the broadcast program and the Internet.

And now we may come to talk from the toy shops, since the toys shows clearly in which level the societies are moving, since also many products are imported from the foreign country and/or many such a products are exported.
There are three starting points, which are correct applied by businesses like Toy's 'R' us, where also the entire baby equipment and lining is responded.

The first possibility would be to tip out the entire product and to thrown or put it on the floor, so that the children feel domestic, because normally a normal child's room from today looks like exactly in the same way. The children would be able to notice and try out the products, but then yet the toys will be no more marketable, at which the parents or grandparents must accompany the children in this case.

Simultaneously it will have to be explained a child that one may remove and keep nothing, what does not belong to oneself and what one did not pay at the till. Just at the company Toy's 'R' us my person notice during my last visit in Luebeck, Herrenholz, that the products especially the small elements are placed in eye level of the children and especially also are offered very temptingly there, so that a child is overtaxed easily and could incline or tend to steal something, what formed and changed the whole life of a person.

Unfortunately it seems nobody bother very much, if coming generations are encouraged or made them do stealing presumably, because many of the 'tall children' may also not be able to let the stealing.
For the stealing of the children the parents are made liable, when these shops enter with the children, which will have the whole garbage on the floor, where the reasonable toy may remain in the shelving or on the places and where the trust of the company is held against the trust of the children.

The second possibility would be that sufficient personnel and especially older housewives and mothers may check up the toys on animal figures, imagination shapes and power games, which will these classify correspondingly. The reflex games and practice games of this kind, which also let children react wrongly in the case of emergency, please, immediately remove from the sale.

The entire products remain in the shelves during the check and sorting and may also be tried out from the children there in the shops.

At the cash box however may sold only toys and may take at home, which pass for the examination of many eyes and specialists, where the toy makers should be invited in order to be able to orient them correspondingly correctly.
Also the entire toy industry must be divided up in middle-class and small companies and must find back for individual manufacturing by the craft, so that such a tremendous dimension of garbage can repeat itself any more.

Also here children will have to bringing up not to do steal, when confidence is held against confidence, at which the parents or the grandparents should accompany the children; yet these shops must not be abused for a child birthday celebration, unless all parents of the small visitors of the birthday celebration would be present, what applies equally to a visit of a kindergarten.

The third possibility would be to close the shops to be able to classify the toys correspondingly in order to offer marketable game goods for sale.
For it is required sufficiently qualified personnel, who must know the games, books, cassettes, CD's and DVD's and who should be able to give the end user advice.

Furthermore especially ought checked up the clothing items and the entire baby equipment in this way, that the product is not necessarily annihilated but changed, what also housewives would be able to undertake with a sewing machine inward or would be able to undertake it as homework.

That also means for example for a buggy what is equipped with animal figures through the chosen cloth, that the buggy is sent back to the manufacturer and the cloth is changed there and is provided without every animal figures, any cartoon figures or stupid sayings, numbers or catchwords. 

Please, take also the entire glitter clothing from the selling to change the products should it not be made for a special occasion. 
Equally the entire 'baby doll equipment' please, will have to withdraw from the circulation in such a way little by little, since also these items embody shine and mica, what will be evaluated very severely for a future of growing up and coming generations, since on earth it will give no more further honourable ones like in these generations, unless, it is a question of a spiritual state, where splendour and shine has belonged in a manner, however this state always remains an exception.

From these three starting points you would be able to find even further possibilities to initiate a reasonable beginning.

It should be noted, that all advertising pillars, posters, catalogues, advertising materials from the mailbox, shop windows and the running TV in the businesses or shop windows will be free from all, that a child could get frighten and/or what a normal or sensitive child not can use at all.

Also on the bustle or in the leisure parks special caution is offered, even if parents with their children are coming from a local of notified cities and want to go on vacation and at the resort not yet it was tidied up.                                                            

Among other things, also the foods must be checked for grimaces, markings and forms.

Think for example to the Crowing by Jacobs-Coffee or to the Emperor rolls and the Prince Cigarettes and please, change this nonsense. Please, further think also that no first names should be used for a product marking, what also applies especially to your animals and your domestic animals, with which please, you talk no more, but will give short consistent commands or the animal must leave the household.

In difficult cases, there, where is also divided the bed and more with the pet, the animal feed will have to be divided with the pet then and still some more!
Also in this regard sufficient especially writings are available, because it is an alien attitude, if one would like to make a half human being from an animal or wants to humanize an animal!

Please, at this point check up the entire animal requirement on a baby equipment or on child's toy and clothing and clear the entire rubbish from the so called 'animal shops'!
With every hardness my person will bear worry that this worldwide pigsty find an end or would you perhaps be treated like an animal or may you want to become re-educated as an animal?

Somebody will have to become acquainted with this in a way to can get healthy, where no doubt other ones not have to make them fun of it, since many people have strong feelings about a love for the animal, which my person understands by animal love still something other.

The flogging is announced again especially for that ' big children', therefore for you and people like you however, one ought only hit a child or small child, if one can be sure as an upbringing authorized one, that the child knows precisely at this moment that it is in the wrong, what one should decide out from the stomach in order to help the child, when one brings it up, with it the child comes through the life and not in order to add a damage the child.

As parents one brings up a child from the stomach, so that the child can not lose the love of the parents and also that the normal relationships can not become artificial.
A punctual slap onto the bottom has still never harmed a human being, however a slap, stroke or bite, that then even gets the mother or the father from their child has already changed so many a relationship especially when this 'problem' is repeated.

The TV program of that  'Super Mummies ' showed clear yesterday, that one of the parent pairs had already come over a point, where they already had been laid under the nerved children, since the parents did not want to hit their children and they still seemed to be pride of it, then.

Now unfortunately the children did hit their parents, what may not have been in the case of every love, quite certainly not!
The children have to be led into the true Christian lesson by the parents, that meant, the children will receive the sacraments by the Roman Catholic Church and they must be brought up by the parents in this religion, otherwise, the youth office comes in the family or the children get parents by the over-size field, which can bear this responsibility for the children.                

                    Also a true Clergyman has sovereignty in this regard however otherwise, no earthly court.

The children can order their 'digested events' far better by the true belief and the daily prayer to God, which can be taken through their whole life and so they will be protected by it also physical much better!

                                                                                On behalf of

Also smoking in front of the children as well as the clobber- and hairdo question, especially in the street, will have been left no more to each oneself.    
A corresponding writing is instead available. The seriousness of the situation demands a worldwide monarchy, which at the beginning must govern in a dictatorial direction and in the course of the years unconditional in a democratic one.
The required measures contain this and other writings in order to allow a future, otherwise, it comes to a 'change of shifts'!

The required measures contain this and other writings in order to allow a future, otherwise, it comes to a 'change of shifts'!

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