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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

Father's Days

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Radio and Television-Stations


Thursday, 29 May 2003

The free English translation on 25 June 2021.

This letter is also now a good 12 years old and so you can already see from the children and young people that many of them are no longer age-appropriate and unbiased what constituted their whole kind.
This can be an advantage for the matter and the commission, yet something has been taken away from the children and young people that cannot be undone. / 2015

The German-language document you may find here!

Father's Day / CC

My Fellow Men and Women!

As I may hope, word of my monopoly position has already spread beyond the borders to some extent and so for this reason I would like to inform you a little more precisely about this monopoly position.

Not everyone will presumably be able to interpret and judge the actual seriousness of the situation correctly and so it may remain for the time being, since there would be reason to panic if very decisive mistakes were to be made by the Authorities, which consist of three persons, so we would then again be at the monopoly position of my person, the Empress.

    I have made this monopoly position clear to people from different cultures in my home town of Luebeck.

Since the seriousness of the situation will not be overcome only by a corresponding performance of humanity, and since the situation cannot be maintained without help from the supra-dimensional realm (Monumental-Area), you and others should gratefully accept my better half.

In order to use my monopoly position properly for all, I have thought about the further progress of the situation and would like to adjust the seriousness behind the matter and the commission accordingly, so that the set task, which lies before humanity together with its Authorities, also remains realisable.

Thus, to a large extent, law and order shall also be ensured in a funny way, especially as far as your monopolies of communication via TV are concerned.

So I wish that your broadcast erotic films are interrupted by a TV witch who virtually should come out of the TV set, to serve mainly the involved "striplings" in front of the TV-devices.

Should these striplings have taken a sexual enhancer, then the fun will inevitably drag on, so that these people will learn to walk in order to return to mother's womb in case of emergency.

Video and cinema films as well as the Internet and DVDs are also to be given a monopoly, but I have to think of something nice for you and others to do the matter.

I would like to answer the horror, violence and fantasy films, such as the film ES and other shock films, with a corresponding shock for the sake of small children and children who are very often at the mercy of such scenes and so I wish that a diarrhoea-filled nappy of small children comes out from the TV set and will be beaten around the ears mainly these filmmakers, TV directors and film distributors as well as some of those responsible.   

I would also like to include in this measure the actors, the stuntmen, the make-up artists and the people behind the mixing desks who gave themselves or their labour for these scenes, until all these videos and film strips have been collected worldwide.

Perhaps every now and then a hand should come out of the telecommunication means and get the one or the other a smack on the ear; this includes the PC, the telephone and the mobile phone to stop the gossip.

Should you and others continue to show animals as life partners in your films, especially when scenes already show dogs French kissing in harmless feature films, then every thinking person who allows such films to be made should be sent behind the tree every evening with a bag and a pick-up, because the toilet will have to be closed by the Cudgel for such irresponsible people.

This is a part of the monopoly of the Empress, but not so that you and others can become unfree, but so that you and others can become free people again, which especially concerns the people of the freedom state USA and all others have followed this freedom.

Please see to it that the above measures do not become the rule, but remain exceptions, and that all high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are gradually cleared without any transition, primarily in the earthquake-prone areas, so that the "subconscious" of many filmmakers is taken into account in time.

Perhaps, as one of my points of contact, I will send you a suitable picture by e-mail at times as a confirmation so that you and some others will know what our true expected freedom probably looks like!

 U. Sabisch, Empress

The measures mentioned could well remain a wishful thinking on my part, but the swaggering Cudgel of my person from the Monumental-Area is an absolute Must as a means of settlement with a protective function!

By the way, the Empress's Cudgel naturally also has the task of monitoring the general "play-stop".

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