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Organ Transplants

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Organ Transplantation and the Rubbish Dump

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Limit of Toleration (

To the WHO

20 Avenue Appia

CH 1211 Geneva 27


To the

University Eye Hospital Heidelberg

69120 Heidelberg


To the

TV- and Radio-Stations


Luebeck, Friday, 16 April 2004

Free English translation on 23 June 2021. 

Rubbish Dump/ It is also allowed to laugh (or cry*), but then please also about yourself. A short letter concerning the "cataract" will be sent to you immediately regarding this health care!

Please, let that German-language letter be translated quite exactly in many different languages and be handed over to the right places. Below the letter you may find some questions in English language. 

Dear Sirs!

Yesterday you, as a highly academically qualified society demonstrated via TV what the current situation is regarding organ donation, as the business does not yet fit in with ethics and culture, and the fear of the population of consenting to organ donation has not yet been dispelled.

Everywhere in the capitalist states there are queues for organ transplantation and everywhere where poverty is at home, as is the case in India for example, with some Indians being shown via TV, organs are given for surgery for a good bit of money.

A gentleman from an ethics commission or a similar organisation pointed out that these deals with organs could not be called "voluntary", as many people are heavily in debt and they only have a chance to pay off their debts through such deals.

Many people, especially probably the people in India, will also have taken on high debts only because in case of need there is a possibility of getting a slightly higher sum of money by selling an organ, as the gentleman explained.

Now I was only able to follow a part of the programme, but I probably understood the most important matter.

Voluntariness does not exist even if, for example, a family member would need an organ from one of the family members and the relatives would be forced to give their consent for this, because a refusal of a possible organ donation can at the same time be a death sentence for the person concerned, executed by his family members, so that one as the family member is indirectly forced to have to give up his organ.

It would thus be a decision and question of guilt about life and death for those involved!

Have you actually thought about this and much more?

Do you and others even know what you are fabricating?

There was also talk of ethics in connection with future prospects, so the cloning of a stem cell was mentioned, whereby this cloned cell is to be planted in a cow, so that corresponding cells can form and grow in order to be able to set up a kind of database for diseased organs, you diseased piglets, you!

Not only that, no, the organs of dead people are used to save lives by cannibalising the corpses.

Fie, you sick piglets, the death of a human being is final, but that is not enough for you; the dead should still be of use, and so the human being should save the life of another human being after his death, in that another human being now has to walk around with an organ from a dead person.

Fie, you are seriously diseased creatures, so that one has to ask what is to come after that?

Now it has been regretted that at present animal organs, i.e. organs foreign to the human organism, cannot be accepted by the human body, but it is probably being worked on, isn't it?

Fie on you, sick people, shame on you; you want to live for all you're worth, but when people fall seriously ill for precisely this reason, among others, then no one here wants to bear the consequences, because then no one wants to die any more.

No, everything but not dying, isn't it?

But living and wanting to get more and more out of life, even from the dead, that you will do, fie!

Have you and your kind really never asked yourselves by what the many human organs could be destroyed or what causes them and why the waiting list for organ transplants is getting longer and longer, which is particularly disastrous for a young person and certainly also very unfair to those, who bear a very large share of the blame for diseased organs?

The seemingly limitless way of life has probably already shown its limits to one or the other, but you do not even recognise these facts.

No, you are looking for new ways and solutions, even if you transplant parts of the dead and animals into the human organism, or if people from the poor and poorest regions have to pay the bill again.

In my opinion, you and your kind are no longer to be taken seriously, so that you and your kind should be incapacitated for a longer transitional period, until life can renew itself or the cycle of life can regenerate itself again.

What has been made of humanity here on God's earth are, from the point of view of your Empress, my person, partly diseased half-animals, who can no longer notice what is being made of the human species.

Thus and only thus do you and your kind have a free hand in your unscrupulous thinking and acting.

Even if you were to take this letter as a basis for Germany, the people affected would go abroad, as was the case with the "abortion-story", wouldn't they?

This is how it was argued on TV yesterday; in other words, there is already a worldwide understanding of ethics and there is already a worldwide culture or are there still exception states?

One thing is certain, however; the more you and your kind will take liberties with, the higher the bill will be in terms of the dead, including the aborted ones, the animals, and the poor and poorest ones, who have had to die, and still have to die, simply because they could not or cannot get enough to eat, or they have to die of need of the medical care.

Now the earthquakes are piling up and intensifying, and the time of mass death has already advanced; add to this the deaths caused by terrorism, the deaths caused by wars and the deaths caused by traffic accidents, which adds up to a large number of human lives, whose some of them could not even understand their lives properly and have already died or will have to die.

Why don't you ask yourself these questions first, if you want to save human lives or do you only want to realise a lucrative and safe business with organ transplantation, whereby jobs could also be secured and you as a professional would have a name, an occupation and the resulting comforts of life, what includes a position of power, you diseased piglets you?!

The question of what is after death will now have to be the highest priority as well as the highest priority of humanity for a transitional period also in order to maintain a worldly ordinance, that is, a cultural ordinance, whereby it is necessary to protect and consolidate the human species.

Immediately, worldwide, you will reduce organ transplantation by means of military action very much to a minimum and then stop it altogether.

This minimum should refer to children, adolescents and young people; moreover, it must exclusively concern organs from the blood relationship of the person concerned. The prerequisite for this organ transplantation is imminent certain death, and even then only if the given universal remedies are not yet effective or do not work.

The blood relationship, however, is the basic prerequisite for this transitional measure, so that the transplantations already carried out can be regulated again by the Monumental-Area, by adding a restricted, manageable mixture to this already carried out mishmash, in order to initiate a sorting for the Monumental-Area.

My person can only justify and deduce this command on a gut level, i.e. from feeling.

Please refrain from any kind of unnecessary implantations including those of teeth, eye operations such as "cataract" as well as those of pacemakers or bypasses.

For every inserted foreign body part made of plastic or other foreign substances, at the end of time, i.e. after the outstanding bills have been paid, i.e. after the arrival of the entire higher right from the supra-dimensional realm, such artificial body parts must be thoroughly reconsidered, whereby the possibilities (miracles) could be opened up many times over to the point of the impossible by the arrival of the entire higher right.

These miracles, however, would not be a matter of course, since a very considerable personal effort of three persons in particular is present and will still be present, which at present and up to the time of the "successful landings" should balance each other out and therefore each person must put in his or her effort.*

Please refrain worldwide from any kind of genetic manipulation, artificial insemination and organ transplantation except for the exceptional cases mentioned; please refrain from all cloning and again from any unnecessary transplantation and without exception from any abortion.

Instead of killing the growing life in the womb because of diseased genes and diseased organs, please will you in future remedy the causes and not the consequences!

You will also have to bring veterinary medicine and animal husbandry back to a standard by using only species-appropriate feed and not feeding fishmeal to chickens, for example, as before.

A veterinarian is only allowed to splint a farm animal in case of a broken bone, he is allowed to give birth assistance and to administer the most necessary vaccination to the animals. Otherwise, farm animals will have to be treated exclusively with herbs on a natural basis and killed with a violent, well-aimed blow or shot, without any electric shock and without chemicals, regardless of the animal species.

The same applies to all domestic animals and to the game.

In other words, come back to a normal human being and act as only a human being acts who is also aware of this.

You and others wanted to live without limits, but this is not compatible with nature and the circle of life.

You wanted factory farming, including its use by the pharmaceutical industry, as well as artificial growth hormones for the insatiable consumer, who wants to fill his barbecue with meat at the weekends.

You did not set up factory farming with the use of growth hormones to satisfy world hunger, but to boost the economy and turn humans into gluttonous and insatiable creatures, better not forget that!

You wanted mass tourism and hotel chains for the insatiable end consumer in spite of a defective ozone layer, which is being destroyed more and more by the pollution of aircraft fuels, leading to severe skin diseases and more.

You wanted a strong automobile industry despite the forest dieback, the ozone alert and despite the smog alert.

You wanted to collect taxes and make revenue through the cigarette industry also to demonstrate a freedom, despite known burdens on health, which is also unjustifiable towards the children who are forced to get the smoke very often.

You wanted an extensive, environmentally friendly and cheap electricity supply, covering all households, also  tourism, means of transport and the entire industry, although defective nuclear reactors release radioactivity and allegedly inexplicable cases of leukaemia occur, whereby sporadically the food chain has certainly also been confronted with released radioactivity for a long time.

In case of emergency, you have laid minefields through the reactors, but unfortunately in your own field, with the disposal of the fuel rods as well as the nuclear waste ticking like a time bomb!

You have allowed the industry to be used the oceans for wastewater disposals, so that, among other things, lead can even be found in part in fish.

You have buried diseased, contaminated bodies through the release of medicines or chemicals, which could also affect the groundwater.

The rubbish dumps should also be mentioned in this context.

You have started to produce plants as well as fruits under artificial light with artificial fertiliser and further with pesticides and much more. Then you have entertained the food industry with all kinds of ingredients and additives such as flavour enhancers and preservatives as well as with unknown spices, so that as a rule at some point the next step for the person has to be a visit to the doctor.  

A drug treatment, which easily turns into a permanent treatment, is the beginning, often followed by a radiation treatment, which often will not be without X-rays, up to an operation, transplantation and organ transplantation.

In the end, we will soon have reached the cloning of stem cells and then apply this product to organ transplantation, you diseased and stupid piglets you!

If you want to go on living, living and living again, then bear the consequences and stop at the point where being human ends, namely where the border between life and death is.

Be reasonable and fit into the right place. You and your kind are not in the right, but in the wrong, which is progressing with giant strides until it can no longer be stopped.

Together, under my authority, find a sensible beginning to enforce the law so that Luebeck, under the leadership of Prince Martin, can take the control of the world.

A beginning will have to be initiated in Luebeck; this beginning will start compulsorily with the starvation of the population, continue with the change from driving a motor vehicle to riding a bicycle, and progress further with a clear reduction in electricity despite the impending restructuring to handicrafts by small as well as midsize businesses and farms, which will eliminate all unemployment for the sake of needed physical strength.

P. p. 


And what about you sitting in front of the microphones or in front of the TV-cameras?

Is there only the wish of getting a name and success through everything what goes on?
Do you have really no better ideas than talking and tattle about other ones to entertain your viewers or listeners in this way?

Do you really have been deprived in any ways, that you only have the wish of living in that low level you daily
demonstrate through your programmes and the advertisement?

What do you have especially to do with the matter of this strange writing; is it perhaps also your level, which makes from a person an endless end user, too?

Please start thinking about your activity you are placed and then also start to inform your viewers or listeners step by step by reading the letters of your Empress into the microphones.
Ask for them perhaps at the WHO per mail,, letter post or fax to be informed about the matter and commission.*

*At present time you may find the most important letters on Internet.
*At present time impossible.

There are already other serious studies and foundations against organ donation and organ transplantation, which are also published on the internet.

April 2013

It is already quite obvious that more people are being imprisoned and killed for their organs than human life can be prolonged, as the business of a prolonged life is flourishing worldwide.

Any common sense should have had the foresight to know what was going to happen!

Especially the people who have to take the escape routes across the sea are threatened by this above-mentioned flourishing human trafficking, but also those who are defencelessly at the mercy of today's sick people in penal institutions or psychiatric wards.

Not to forget the children and young people or adults who have to earn a living for their families in prostitution!

August 2016

HP: The fact that the actual perpetrators from the church and politics are now being called upon to act will not help, because no one will voluntarily confess to this gross mistake.

June 2021

Every person who lives through an organ of a dead or meanwhile deceased person presumably comes into a special obligation and connection towards his or her donor or even donors.

As has now become known, the function of a person's brain remains in "standby mode" for quite a while after the established death until that function is actually finally terminated.

Why this happens in this way and what actually happens during this period of time can only be explored by a little "Einstein"!

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