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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To Ms. Ursula von der Leyen

European Parliament


To Mr. M.  R. and Ms. C.  S.

The German-language document you may find here!

Luebeck, June 10, 2024

When babies or toddlers have to go to daycare: "Hey, mommy, okay, bye, bye!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. C. S. and Mr. M. R., Ms. Ursula von der Leyen,

Dear Readers,

My person do not like to write letters or e-mails in this way to publicly known persons, which also have to be published as documents or my person could possibly become public in another over-dimensional form regarding individuals by naming names!

My person also appreciates the artistic family M. R. and C. S., especially because of the sometimes good lyrics of the songs, which are often particularly successful and fit well into the end times.

There is only one thing that is not possible and this really needs to be made clear once again in this form, because in this respect, when it comes to the little ones and the smallest, there can be no pardon by publicly describing the so-called acclimatization phase of a really small and vulnerable person as an exciting phase, when you have to really let go of the toddler for the first time by going to daycare!

Why does such a small child have to "go his or her own way" at the age of 2, for example, why now and where should these paths end?

As successful pop stars, you obviously have enough ways and means at your disposal to be able to look after the child with full commitment for at least another three or four years, so that it doesn't have to leave its familiar surroundings regularly and can still play with other children thanks to the guardian's duty of supervision.

Then there is the fact that you, Ms. S., have your "dear mom" who supports you, as you reported in an interview on the Internet, whereby it makes a big difference whether you take your small child to your grandmother or grandma and know it is in good hands there or whether you hand the child over to more or less strangers and cannot know whether you are truthfully informed about the whereabouts and perceptions of the child!

Now, especially successful women like you should ask themselves whether your mother or your "dear mom" also gave you into the care of strangers at such an early age or whether you were given more time and care by "your dear mom" from the ground up for your start in life. But even if you were a "nursery child", you would know very well that there will always be inexplicable deficits in your life that cannot really be solved. 

What's more, in most families today, the protection of God's presence is usually foreign or unknown to children and faith in God is no longer lived or practiced by parents and grandparents.

This means that such a small human child is really completely left to its own devices, at least for a few hours at daycare. Even if the child is not yet able to articulate itself properly or is possibly not yet "dry", the toddler in this status must learn to take its place in this nursery society far too early in order to defend its assigned place if necessary.

In a Christian-run kindergarten, the children may learn to pray collectively while standing, sitting or lying down, which is done by the kindergarten staff, i.e. by people outside the family, who can often be replaced for various reasons and may in some cases be rather untrustworthy examples of faith.

The state cannot take over everything and certainly cannot take responsibility for the upbringing of a child, even if it wanted to, this would be impossible, because the state will not ultimately be held accountable for the upbringing and development of every child!

The state is certainly obliged to provide every growing person with a natural and secure basis for life, and this includes first and foremost the protection of the family, which must include living the faith!

Of course, if the mothers leave the household and the children too early, even if only for a few hours, then many sad and disastrous things can happen to the child and its little soul, which do not necessarily have to come to light straight away, especially if it is not yet able to speak or articulate itself properly.

In my family too, two of my grandchildren started kindergarten too early and one of my grandchildren started nursery much too early. Regrettably, my person had no say in this matter, especially as my actual status as a grandmother was taken away from me by various over-dimensional events and thus the lack of respect for the truth by the Luebeck Health Department, but also by the life circumstances of my person and the lack of contemporary witnesses in the matter.

This and much more remains inexcusable, as my person does not aspire to a halo, because even if you and others were to shower my person with money; the train has left the station and that will cost you and others something, also with regard to my own children and grandchildren!!! 

In addition, my person was confronted with these and other fait accompli regarding the daycare admission of my youngest grandchild, although a "granny" or grandmother was on site and available, as my son's family also fell apart, like so many other families, and the price was already very high! 

For you, as the person called upon in this matter, this means that you, Ms. von der Leyen, for example, have to put an end to this daycare crap, which you, as a great, great career woman, are also responsible for on a grand scale, in accordance with my specifications, otherwise your specified task will be taken over by a person who can understand and implement the seriousness of life and the requirements of a functioning society, in which the laws for the security of the family through the protection of a blessed marriage must also be taken into account!

And you, Mrs. S. , as a pop star with a certain role model function through your status and your career in the public eye, together with your husband, who will have many unstable fans who are looking for guidance from you, especially for a career as a woman, should also think carefully, as should other mothers, whether you would not prefer to attend daycare together with your little daughter in the future in order to be able to educate, protect and shape the child yourself.

As already mentioned, the state is not responsible for the upbringing of a child and this applies worldwide, because from the very beginning the natural guardians of the child have a duty of care towards Creation and nature is not negotiable or replaceable!

Please take note of this, and others too, and all of you, at least for the time being throughout Europe, start immediately to take the job of mother and housewife seriously and importantly to very seriously and extremely importantly and to honor it, you great, great career women of the end times!!!

It's just sad that a toddler has to cry for days on end, or usually at least hours on end, and that's another reason why many a toddler's nerves will be frayed, but which a person will need for his or her entire life, and this costly toddler strain goes on until the little human child has settled in at daycare and then might even enjoy going to daycare.

"Hey, mommy, okay, bye, bye!"

Great, the main thing is to be in the spotlight and get enough recognition for your ego, isn't it?

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: I would be sorry if you or others were really ashamed, but my personal assessment of you is rather the opposite, although you and many other career women would have every reason to be, as you can see from these or those people of the last few generations!

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11 June 2024

These or those responsible should actually be put over their knee!