Das Weltkulturerbe im Jahre 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

Financial Markets


The World-Cultural-Heritage

                            Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany                       

To the


To all Bishops/ CC

To all SAT-Station/ CC

Luebeck, 18 May. 2010

Free English transltion on 11 September 2021.

Please, let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the correspondingly places.

                                        Financial Markets, Untapped Capacities,                                              

ECB, Unimaginable scale,

Investment bankers,

Financing the economy, the role of the bank, market economy, product.

Financial world of the 21st century.

Dear Mr. Ackermann, Dear Bishop Ackermann, (Dear Sirs),

It is of course not only the name you both bear that connects you, the time has indeed come to take a closer look at the German word "ackern", because without proper ploughing through the matter there will be no future!

On the one hand, we now have a successful bank manager who has sought and found solutions and, on the other hand, a bishop who has also sought and found a solution within the church to the church crisis caused by the abuse cases.

One came out of the bank crisis successfully, the other had to forfeit strong changes in the Roman Catholic Church towards higher law, in that the public prosecutor's office will also be called in for the clergy in the future.

One used his talent, broadened his horizons in this respect and successfully applied his talent for highly criminal banking transactions to the financial market, since there is no institution or legal basis in the world that prohibits the existence of a market for finance, where supply and demand determine the value of an intangible product, which may be devised or bundled.

These intangible products, which may also consist of fanciful securities or contracts, can fall in value or rise, as can the companies tied to them, and thus jobs alike.

The returns that can be expected behind these speculative investments must first be provided and available through the contribution of the labour of others. Likewise, the capacities or raw materials must be available for this.

Even for these highly criminal machinations of individuals, there is no legal basis worldwide to ensure that the exploitation of the earth is controlled and that of the labour force must be ended or monitored.

The measured performance of a mindless, industrialised activity, which is mainly bound to the expenditure of time through physical and partly mental effort, should and must be clearly checked in order to be able to determine a fair remuneration for all involved.

Unfortunately, most workers are not able to use their talent or talents professionally and thus they often lose an active working life and have to perform inferior work, making the worker easily replaceable, interchangeable or redundant.

The employer, on the other hand, can go to the financial market with the performance of others and through the "external energy" and increase his profit through speculative transactions or even lose his company with the associated jobs. Thus, the financial market also determines the fate of others who were not involved in the speculative transaction.

If, however, the employer makes a high profit from the additional business on the financial market, then he can expand his company and increase capacities accordingly, so that the earth and the environment have to bear even greater burdens and future generations will be left with nothing in any case!

The illnesses of the 21st century resulting from environmental pollution, such as those caused by electromagnetic force fields, smog or the released quantities of nuclear energy, also cause the costs of the insured to skyrocket, whereby the respective speculative risk of a power plant does not particularly influence the market price in this case!

If one now compares an intangible product with an intangible energy source, whereby a tangible mass production is the goal, then one arrives at the billions in these flights of fancy of an economy and only needs to extrapolate them to arrive at the result of a nuclear meltdown, whereby the insurance companies and banks are already included!

                                                                   And now we come to the real point:

You as a bank manager and your worldwide circle of colleagues, who have a well-rehearsed team behind them, will have to continue to serve these extrapolated billions through your employees by keeping the data stream(eg) flowing.

At the same time, please will you use the letters intended for your institution and already delivered to ensure the delivery of the available funds.

For this purpose, please have the designated Mr. R. G. from Luebeck/ economist (ret.) / at the Kohlmarkt called into responsibility.

Through "pegged prices" and through artificially inflowing money, you will please all march together under a world leadership, as already established, in the right direction by investing in the countries of the Third World.

However, the labour of the local people must be the mainstay of the investment and not the endless flow of donations, which cannot do justice to the overpopulation of the southern countries.

In order to cope with overpopulation, the male Africans in particular must learn to manage by reducing the man to one family and being able to feed it independently through the services he provides, also so that the children can be educated and trained through the services provided, which must be administered by the respective state.

      For this, the southerner needs a predetermined structure that will interfere with the existing cultural life.

The unavoidable technology of TV must be incorporated in these countries, so that even the films or entertainment programmes shown, which are mainly produced by artificial and highly overpaid professions such as actors, presenters, musicians, photographic models or professional athletes, must be dubbed into the required languages so that the cultures of other countries and other customs can be shown to the natives.

               What matters is a culture in a certain time, which will obviously be selected and realised.***

This can only be realised if, for example, as a bishop, you mobilise your talents and release the talents of your flock so that they will set out to earn their daily bread and share it without delay!! !!

In the process, southern women must also be taught that the strength of a woman's body is to be allocated not only for childbearing throughout life, but also for bringing up and raising children.

Apart from the simple calculation, there is nowadays the possibility to control when fertilisation can take place and when one is protected from pregnancy.

In addition, my person has taken care of and will take care of a longer rest of "sexual stories" by having to use my talents on the spot under the appropriate net, just like any other person too!

This applies equally to a South African and to an American or to a Chinese, whereby the great adjusting screw of the control, which consists of many "clock wheels of a clockwork", is the "energy", with which preferably in.................*** must be acted!

Should I not receive my demanded pocket money immediately after a regular and just "distribution of bread", which has to take place without delay, then my talent will possibly no longer be sufficient to teach you and all the others to pray and to give thanks on their knees for the daily bread!

                           Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: The real price of electricity can be accurately determined by measuring one kilowatt hour by the power of an average man riding a "trim bike" and then converting that to the hourly wage of a physically working man!