Das Weltkulturerbe im Jahre 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe


The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

European Court of Human Rights CO/

To all SAT Stations CO/

To the Council of Europe /CC

F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex

Germany, Luebeck, 2008, November 27th 2009, January 5th 

ECHR-Pger0 mod / of 22 October 2008/

Please, let that German-language letter be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right places!

I will give you 3 days to take worry about the whole Cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe.

Should you not be able to give good reasons for omission been giving aid from your borrow funds of your billions businesses, I will teach you to become human beings through pet food!

Dear Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen of the European Court of Justice,

Today is another Thursday (day to thunder) and today once again you, as people, who occupy a very important place in the global world in 2008, are urgently addressed and asked to think carefully about this following letter!

Yesterday, a live broadcast on ZDF, a fundraising gala and music show entitled "The Most Beautiful Christmas Hits" with C. N. was sent via the airwaves.

Very impressive and truthful videos were shown about the misery from India, Africa, Asia etc. and correspondingly high dignitaries and other personalities were invited onto the sofa to promote the good cause of "Bread for the World and Misereor".

For example, a young man from Cambodia was invited, who had already been made public 10 years ago because of his war-torn legs, by being filmed at that time and shown again yesterday, because he became an aid victim through a hidden landmine and was a guest on C. N.'s sofa as an example of the great help provided by the aid organisation.

It came up quite incidentally that there are said to be 4 million more landmines scattered around Cambodia; but there are the aid agencies after all, aren't there?

Excerpt from the internet:

"Global aid has many faces, it is not anonymous. The Cambodian Khoeurm and Pastor Joaquim travelled from Cambodia and sit down on the sofa with C. N.. Khoeurm is a landmine victim. First he lost a leg, "then hope", as he told us in Munich. Through the aid organisation he found his way back to life.

First he was operated on, later many small donations were able to finance an education for him. "We need you," said Pastor Joaquim. "One euro is enough to feed a family of ten ones for one day. With fifty euros we can finance a wheelchair and with 500 euros we can build a whole house," the priest explained."

This and everything else no longer works so easily and comfortably!

Please ensure immediately that there is no landmine victim for whom one then gives one's donation!

There are enough good armoured vehicles and mine detectors in the world or in Europe, that can prevent such tragedies by trained soldiers, who draw their pay in any case.

Furthermore, please will you immediately ensure that the demonstrated " First-Aid-Boxes ", which cost 4 euros each and which could save a great many lives or prevent serious infections leading to amputations, which could be prevented by the FIRST-AID BOX, are immediately produced and distributed to the right people on the spot!

And now comes the money question on the table, around which everything revolves:

Let us take as an example an average amount for an operation of a 65-year-old European and let us say 27,000 euros for a new hip joint, which is really only an estimate, as I do not know the prices exactly!

Now let's convert these 27,000 euros into the required "First Aid Boxes" and calculate the figure of 6,750 "First Aid Boxes", which does not mean that there are 6,750 needy people who could be helped; no, this figure could increase tenfold and more!

It´s hard to believe how ill you and others really are, THOUGH you let through an entertainment show advertise for donations; against that there is also not necessarily anything to say, but you and others have thereby a good feeling and a good conscience, because you and others simply cannot understand the clear facts!

It is no longer about your and other people's generosity and willingness to donate, it is about sharing, whereby one can only speak of sharing if everyone gets the same amount!

First and foremost, Europe is in need of help and belongs on the sofa, but actually on the sofa of a psychiatrist, to make it clear!

I am not really surprised that the wave of terror in Bombay happened at the same time as the programme "The Most Beautiful Christmas Hits", because there are people in the world who can no longer tell right apart from wrong; what indeed was that down to?

Please read this letter several times and hand it personally to the authorities who can immediately put an end to this nonsense, because everyone is to be held responsible for everyone else, so that from nonsense can finally become sense!

                                                                                Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: My person hereby file criminal charges against mentally retarded responsible persons in very serious cases because of years of failure to provide help, which has led to death for many millions of people and continues to lead to death!