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Rental Agreement

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Pirelli RE Management GmbH

Kiel Office

24103 Kiel



CC To all SAT-Stations


Luebeck, 17 June 2009

Free English translation on 12 September 2021.

Rental Matter/ Housing Estate in 23564 Luebeck, Ruebenkoppel 1      

Please, let the Gerrman-language letter be translated in many different languages and be handed over to the correspondingly places!

Rental-Agreement-No..: 1569.10047.0002.01

This letter has not lost its justification either, for it must not and will not be that the wearers of the crown should be the martyrs of the age.

For this reason, a correspondingly high price will have to be exacted to the limits of exhaustion from everyone involved! 2015*

Dear Sirs, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for your letter of 15 June 2009.

The matter is closed for me, but for you it is only just beginning.

You have won a legal dispute against me which normally was not to be lost, as I was and still am in the right! By means that were at your disposal, you caused an even greater injustice out of one that had happened to me. You are deeply in my debt and therefore I strongly recommend in your own interest that you clear your debt to me.

For the date of 31 October 2009, I would have agreed to terminate my contract for my above-mentioned flat with due notice, which I had already informed you of in writing. You have managed to twist the facts of the case and to turn a notice of termination on your part into a notice of termination without notice. This is probably not the first time you have done this and probably not the last!

On 31 October 2009, the matter is closed for me and will be cancelled by me at the appropriate place, as the point will have been lost by then, should you and others not have grown up in the meantime!

The latest epidemic of humanity is indicative of your behaviour towards the Crown so far and of the time pressure that has long since arisen.

You have received my letters and the opportunity to examine these and other letters for truthfulness and are called upon to act in appropriate places, which now particularly concerns the state of the Crown; or did you and others perhaps think that the crowns and diamonds, which were distributed everywhere as royal advertisements, happened to be on every corner and that you and others were the kings and the emperors of modern times?

You will be acting on behalf of the Crown, and the terms may change daily!

You have received my account number and my demands, which include the complete status of the Crown, including that of the properties. I recommend that in your own interest, you execute the matter neatly and properly and hand it in at the right place!

Yours sincerely

  Ursula Sabisch  

Should it come to the point that I have to give the above cancellation of the Crown on 31 October, then you and others dare not twist the truth again, because when the whining and moaning of mankind begins, it should be made clear that Creation is not word-breaking, but man was no longer able to deal with the truth!


Count the royal crowns that are placed in front of you daily and also pay attention to the designations that come from the universe!

9 Sept. 2010

To this we must add that now Pakistan can no longer feed its population on its own and will almost certainly be joined by India in the near future, which anyone can work out for themselves. It is not only India that is primarily affected by the monsoon, but all the countries of the world from the monsoon regions.

Do not then pretend to be the merciful donors when relief funds have to be supplied for the affected people from the above-mentioned regions; you and others are the real perpetrators of the disasters, for example, by means of greenhouse effect, who will be held accountable for failure to provide services which were demanded by the Crown years ago.

P. p. Rumpelstiltskin or perhaps rather the Empress??

Then you and others are in for it!!